2 Writing Tutorials and a FREE Live Webinar on the way!

So now I have 2 streamable tutorials at Writer’s Digest , and at $25 for a 1-month unlimited subscription to ALL of their tutorials, you really have no excuse. :-)  See you in the comments below–I love feedback.

Oh, and mark you calendars for my FREE Live Webinar on Dialogue on Monday, July 15!


“Discover the 7 Biggest Mistakes in YA Fiction and 28 Ways to Fix Them.”

Even experienced writers can make mistakes when crafting their YA (young adult) short stories and novels. These gaffes are specific to the category of literature for teenagers—from inserting too much introspection and “adult” insight to chasing the latest trends. The good news: learning to identify and fix these mistakes will strengthen your writing overall. In this tutorial, you’ll discover the 7 biggest mistakes in YA fiction and 28 ways to fix these mistakes!

This 38-minute tutorial will strengthen your writing by teaching you how to:

  • Avoid clichés like ‘the friendless teen’ and instead, craft unique teen and parent characters that add texture to your narrative
  • Create an authentically teen world
  • Use action (rather than introspection) to move your story forward
  • Explore realistic, complex drama versus putting forth a moral message
  • Embrace your personal voice—and avoid the urge to chase trends
  • Dig deep in order to solve narrative problems with character (instead of plot solutions)
  • Bring your story to a satisfying end

This tutorial will provide you with craft- and process-focused tools . . . improve your YA fiction and make it stand out in this competitive marketplace!
 ”How the Latest Trend in YA Can Move Your Career Forward; Making Short Work of It

It’s been really fun to teach again, and learn a new forum in which to teach writing.  Though I missed the discussion aspect of the workshop format I’m more accustomed to, the tutorial format really allowed me to dig deeply into some material that’s been ruminating with me for a while–ever since I started editing YARN, really.

The official copy about the tutorial is as follows:

The latest trend in YA is actually a craft tried and true by adult lit writers: writing short stories, essays, and poetry to get noticed in the industry and hone skills.  Generations of writers have shown that a powerful way to stand out in a crowded publishing market is to earn publication credits from literary journals before publishing a novel.  Established novelists often continue to publish short works to keep their name visible between books.  In addition, practicing short-form writing helps any writer develop and deepen their skills.

The market for publishing short-form YA writing is relatively new, and so enterprising YA writers stand to gain a great deal from taking advantage of the growing demand for YA short stories, essays, and poetry.  Writers can be in the vanguard of this trend in publishing as they practice the writing skills that will make them better writers overall.

This one-hour tutorial will

  • explain what YA literature is, and how short-form writing has come to be an important trend in it.
  • show how publishing short works can advance your career.
  • show how to write short works in an authentically YA style.
  • teach 17 Key Elements for each of the major short genres—short stories, essays, and poetry—that make for a successful YA short.  Though all 17 Key Elements are applicable in each genre, Kerri will break them down in a logical progression.  She will teach
    • 9 Key Elements for essays.
    • 3 Key Elements for poetry.
    • 5 Key Elements for short stories.

“Making Short Work of It” will provide you with unique tools you’ll need to build your career in the competitive YA marketplace.

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