2 Writing Tutorials and a FREE Live Webinar on the way!

wdu-logo-530 The awesome folks over at Writer’s Digest are going to be putting up a downloadable tutorial I’ve been working on, called “How the Latest Trend in YA Can Move Your Career Forward; Making Short Work of It” It’s been really fun to teach again, and learn a new forum in which to teach writing.  Though I missed the discussion aspect of the workshop format I’m more accustomed to, the tutorial format really allowed me to dig deeply into some material that’s been ruminating with me for a while–ever since I started editing YARN, really. [...] Continue reading →

Am I a poet and I didn’t even…..you know.

poetry magnetic Okay, I’ll admit it.  In the spirit of experimentation and commitment to craft that is at the heart of my book This is Not a Writing Manual (TINAWM), I am writing a series of Twitter poems called #TINAWMDaily.  This is week 3, so I guess the pilot phase is over, and I’m making it official. I’m [...] Continue reading →

The LA Times Freakin’ Festival of Books!

2013-festival-of-books-logo In case you haven’t seen on Twitter or Facebook–or on the Today Show with Ryan Seacrest and Veronica Roth this very morning!!–I was lucky enough to moderate a panel at the LA Times Festival of Books called “Outer Limits,” and if there ever was a fantasy panel of YA writers, it was this one: Veronica Roth, Lauren Oliver, Lissa Price, [...] Continue reading →