Writing, writing, writing

Image courtesy of Melissa W. Edwards (https://www.flickr.com/photos/91873261@N03/8356121568/) Hi Folks, Just letting you know that you won’t be seeing much of me here, as I am WRITING.  Yes, that thing that keeps us awake in the night with characters, plots, epiphanies, fears, loathing, and fantasies of appearing in O Magazine.  I’ll tell you this much about my project: It’s HISTORICAL FICTION.  Never done [...] Continue reading →


teenreads In other catching-up-from-a-busy-but-fun-summer news, I was featured on Teenreads!  They posted a fun listicle (GREAT word, right?) I wrote of the Top 5 Classic Novel Every Young Writer Must Read.  I even surprised myself with this list.  Let me know what you think. They were also kind enough to interview me, and they asked some [...] Continue reading →

More Free Help for Teachers!!!

Image © Thomas Favre-Bulle (https://www.flickr.com/photos/lnx/6783644/in/photolist-avtfVU-4tzd6X-6rpvub-ALxo-6m6ker-bjzvce-6m6kgp-6m6kj4-6hRRXf-aYtq6-9xfYEP-y52y-aYtq5-s542Y-7RYdBd-2geNU1-6S4C96-6m6kbR-zGf9x-c4coV-g6AcU-9hbvmj-GXwa5-e6Cw1P-77PDmR-4X2Cov-6v61Qc-7pQSQ-mYAx8F-5nNg9d-9i9QUS-hzzdw-nWqW-bEiVMw-bQwjT8-Bh2X-2YqSEp-hyDf3-4z92tM-ChRp-ecTkhQ-4uUZez-57Pwzw-Ma4VN-oJSV23-bW9FyY-4RSiX7-4NEGXv-5KS8Fa-47VSWb) I know how busy you teachers are.  I’m one myself, on hiatus for a while with kid/book/YARN/other to care for at the moment.  But I do know.  I know how hard it is to find time for anything new, and to figure out how to fit it into your crowded classroom syllabi….and I also know [...] Continue reading →