A Strand Bookstore Staff Pick!

Image my absolute THRILL, deep down in my toes, when I received this emailed pic from a former YARN intern showing me that my book is a STAFF PICK AT THE STRAND in NEW YORK CITY!!!

For those of you who don’t know The Strand, it is the premier indie bookstore in New York.  Famed for it’s 18 million miles of books, it’s the best place to browse for anything you might want to read–or didn’t know you wanted to read.  They have awesome prices, knowledgeable staff, and history, history, history.  It’s a mecca.  And not incidentally, it was Mike’s Strand t-shirt, and his fondness for whiling away the hours amongst the books there, that let me knew he could be The Guy for me.

And someone on the staff liked my book enough to make it a “Pick” during the HOLIDAYS.  I am humbled, and totally thrilled and flattered.

Thank you, thank YOU, anonymous Strand Staffer (and Renee Combs, for bringing it to my attention!).  You made my holiday season.


Strand Pick


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