Upcoming Appearances:

Friday, April 4: Merrimack Teen Book Festival.  If you’re a teen in Merrimack, NH, come see me and some of my fave YA author friends at this fun local festival, hosted by the local library!


If you’re on this page to invite me:

Sure!  I’d love to come to your book club/school/writer’s group/library.

Thanks for asking.  Having been a student, then a teacher, and now a book club member myself, I can honestly say there are few things I love more than getting together with a group of readers to talk books.  And writing.  And sometimes fondue, or chocolate mousse.

For live visits:  I live in the Boston metro area, so I can easily make appearances within a few dozen miles of the city.  I also have friends and family in the New York City area and California whom I visit regularly, so it’s possible for me to queue up appearances there.  As for the rest of the country–I have nothing against it!  But I’m likely to need extra travel funds to get to you.  Or, this being the age of the Internet and all, maybe we can choose from one of the options below.

For virtual visits: My preference is Google Hangout.  It’s free and simple and I can explain how to use it.  But if not everyone in your group has a gmail account, we can certainly do Skype.

To contact me about a visit, email me at kerri[at]

Here I am with some excellent young writers at the Belmont Public Library.

Here I am with some excellent young writers at the Belmont Public Library.

Previous appearances, in case you want to see the kinds of things I’ve done…

Fall 2013:

Tuesdays this Fall & Winter: A series of Teen Writing Workshops at the Belmont Public Library. November 12, December 10, January 14, February 11.  7-8pm is a drop-in workshop open to anyone; 8:15-8:45 is a registration-required advanced writing workshop.

Thursday, October 24, 7pm: Jumpstart your NaNoWriMo with me at Wellesley Books.  Fun writing activities, inspiration, and a signed copy of TINAWM.  What more do you need?

Thursday, November 14, 6:30pm: Book talk and signing at the Arch Street Teen Center in Greenwich, CT!  I’ll be reading, chatting, signing, and giving cool stuff away!

Monday, November 25, 4:00 – 5:00pm: Teen writing workshop at the Weston Public Library.  Emotion–it’s not just for saps on Valentine’s Day!  Come for a fun drop-in (that means no prep, no homework!) workshop where we’ll each pick an emotion out of a hat, write about it, then read out loud and try to guess the emotion.  It’s a Kerri Majors fave.

Saturday, September 21, 11am – 4pm: One of the highlights is getting to participate in the Boston Teen Author Festival on September 21!  Not only will I be hangin’ with other YARN editors Diana Renn and Kate Burak, I’ll be moderating the “Sassy Leading Ladies” panel with 5 amazing writers:  Karsten Knight, AC Gaughen, Carrie Jones, Gina D’Amico, and Wendy Wunder!  Hear great book talk, and get your books signed! Bring friends!

Wednesday, August 21, 7:30-8:30pm: I’ll be back at the Belmont Library to read from TINAWM, and sign copies!  Books will be for sale there.  We’ll also hear from some of the excellent student writers from my summer workshop series there.

Book Launch Par-tay! at the Weston Public Library, 7pm on Monday, July 15

  • Reading, signing, book chat, prizes!
  • Festivities start at 7pm.  Book talk begins at 7:30.
  • Books provided by Wellesley Books.

3 Wednesday Workshops in July at the Belmont Public Library , 7:30-8:30pm

  • July 10: “Think Like an Editor” workshop
  • July 17: “Pick an Emotion, Any Emotion!” workshop
  • July 24: “Make Like a Dog, and Write Like Virginia Woolf.”  Come and find out what that means!

FREE Live Webinar at Writer’s Digest University on Monday, July 15 at 1pm!

LA Times Festival of Books: Saturday, April 20, 3pm
I’ll be moderating a panel of 4 amazing YA fantasy writers: Lauren Oliver, Lissa Price, Victoria Schwab, and Veronica Roth!!  Talk about a “fantasy” group of writers!!

Weston Library (Weston, MA): Tuesday, April 9 at 7:30pm
“Be an Editor for an Evening” This one-hour workshop will help you develop the keen eyes of an editor–a useful skill for any teen who writes and edits their own papers, college essays, or creative writing.  I will bring real poetry and prose submitted to my literary journal, YARN, and ask the evening’s editors to discuss the writings’ strengths and weaknesses, then decide if each piece should be included for publication, or if we should ask the writer for revisions to improve the piece (and what kind of revisions!).

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