Am I a poet and I didn’t even… know.

Okay, I’ll admit it.  In the spirit of experimentation and commitment to craft that is at the heart of my book This is Not a Writing Manual (TINAWM), I am writing a series of Twitter poems called #TINAWMDaily.  This is week 3, so I guess the pilot phase is over, and I’m making it official.

I’m writing them daily, Monday through Friday.  Each poem is about some aspect of writing and the writing life.  Already, they have become to take the form of a journal, allowing me to work through ideas I might be having about the novel I’m writing, or expressing gratitude when nice things happen for the launch of TINAWM, or when I help get YARN interns jobs.

I hope you’ll watch the hashtag #TINAWMDaily on Twitter, and let your writing-minded friends know to follow it and me, @kerrimajors (FYI: If you want to see the full catalogue of poems, you’ll have to go to my own Twitter page, not just the hashtag page).

I also welcome feedback!  And reply poems!!

Hope to hear from you soon.  Thanks.

Here was my kick-off poem from Monday, April 29:

character is
more than a person
moving on the page;
more than an author
scribbling in the night.
he has to find
his own way.

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