Boston Teen Author Festival!

It’s fall!  My fave season.  Pumpkin lattes, sweaters, apple picking, new pencils, and new events!

One of the highlights is getting to participate in the Boston Teen Author Festival on September 21!  Not only will I be hangin’ with other YARN editors Diana Renn and Kate Burak, I’ll be moderating the “Sassy Leading Ladies” panel with 5 amazing writers:  Karsten Knight, AC Gaughen, Carrie Jones, Gina D’Amico, and Wendy Wunder!

Please let me know if you have any questions you want me to ask these writers, about their process or characters, or whatever.

Also, I sincerely hope you’ll come and see the panel, see the other panels, and GET YOUR BOOKS SIGNED–By me or any of the other fabulous writers who are participating.  Festivals like this one are all about you guys, the readers, the ones who make books possible.  Come celebrate with us!

Oh, and there will be other cool events this fall, so be sure to check my “Already Coming” tab above!

BTAF 2013

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