California Dreamin’

I’m going to be at the LA Times Festival of Books: Saturday, April 20, 3pm

I’ll be moderating a panel of 4 amazing YA fantasy writers: Lauren Oliver, Lissa Price, Victoria Schwab, and Veronica Roth!!  Talk about a “fantasy” group of writers!!  (Do note, though, that the schedule of events won’t be final until MArch 25!  Will let you know in the unlikely event something changes.)

Do YOU have questions you want me to ask these writers?  Let me know below!


5 thoughts on “California Dreamin’

  1. Terri Bynum says:

    I am STUNNED that you will have all of these incredible authors in one room! So jealous because sitting here in Rhode Island, I couldn’t be any farther away!!

    Enjoy this golden opportunity which I have no doubt you’ve more than earned!!

    Terri B.

  2. Thanks, Terri! LMK if you have a question you want answered!

  3. Gracen Kinsly says:

    Question for Veronica Roth: How long are you going to wait after Divergent #3 to write a new book/series? Do you plan on taking a break or jumping right back in?

  4. Gracen Kinsly says:

    A question for Veronica Roth: After book three is published are you going to take a break and wait to write another book/series? Or do you plan on jumping right back in?

  5. Gracen–Thanks for contributing. Great questions! Hopefully I’ll have a chance to ask them. :-)

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