Interview with Yvonne Ventresca

I love talking books, YA, and writing, so imagine my delight when debut novelist Yvonne Ventresca asked if I’d like to chat about those very things for her Teen Tuesday column!  This is short and fun, and comes complete with writing prompt (TGIF anyone?).  Here is a smippet, and you can read the rest here:

What’s the best way to get published in YARN? Editor Kerri Majors advises: “Submit the best story on your hard drive, the story that’s been workshopped and revised and polished and proofread (twice!). Also: Got an essay? [...]


Image courtesy of vidalia_11 (

Image courtesy of vidalia_11 (

One thought on “Interview with Yvonne Ventresca

  1. Talking books, YA, and writing are my favorite things, too! Thanks for the interview and the link. :)

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