More Free Help for Teachers!!!

Image © Thomas Favre-Bulle (

Image © Thomas Favre-Bulle (

I know how busy you teachers are.  I’m one myself, on hiatus for a while with kid/book/YARN/other to care for at the moment.  But I do know.  I know how hard it is to find time for anything new, and to figure out how to fit it into your crowded classroom syllabi….and I also know how easy it is to get bored wit the same old lessons.  I want to help!

Not only is there a full-on, FREE  Teacher’s Edition of This Is Not a Writing Manual available at Writer’s Digest, complete with 6 lesson plans, all-purpose Workshops Guidelines, and other helpful goodies for your English/writing/etc classes, back in the spring, the EXCELLENT writing-teaching blog Pencil Tips posted another free lesson plan about teaching and writing empathy, which is such a difficult but critical skill for any writer–or thinker.

I’m open to other ideas for how I can help you in your classrooms!  Please post a comment or email me: kerri[at]


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