Random Word Contest “Entry”

Image © VH Hammer (https://www.flickr.com/photos/vhhammer/8885641187/)

Image © VH Hammer (https://www.flickr.com/photos/vhhammer/8885641187/)

So my literary journal YARN is hosting this super cool contest during National Poetry Month.  In brief: Pick 10 words from one of four poems we published last year during NPM, and write your OWN poem using those 10 words.

Winner to be selected by hot-shot YA author John Corey Whaley, author of multi-award-winning Where Things Come Back, and Noggin, out this month!  This contest is inspired by Corey’s “Random Word Challenge.”

The winner will WIN Noggin, and well as YARN Fiction Editor Diana Renn’s upcoming YA mystery Latitude Zero, and yours truly’s This Is Not a Writing Manual.  More details here.

Of course, I am not actually ENTERING this contest (conflict of interest and all), but I DO want to inspire others to do it!  So here is my Random Word poem, using 10 words from Nisha Sharma’s “Perfect You.”

10 words used: saggy, jiggle, body, equator, tight, fat, swollen, measure, shines, perfect


Measure for Measure

Measure fat, tight, equator
Measure swollen manuscript


No one is perfect
No book is perfect
(no matter what the critics say)

Except on Facebook
Where everyone, everything,
Every body, every book

Even the jiggly, saggy ones
They don’t belong to me

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