This is a list of other great books and websites on writing and the writing life that I wholeheartedly recommend.  (Remember, too, that TINAWM has a whole bibliography at the back, too; and like that bibliography, this is a highly personal list, not meant to be canonical or exhaustive!).  I’m starting this list early in 2014, and I’ll be adding to it, so please check back.  Thanks!

Books that will help your get the job done:


Books that will help you polish your prose, and even make you laugh:

Books that will inspire you to stay on the road:

There are a jillion books out there that every writer really ought to read (Great Gatsby, anyone?), and I wouldn’t pretend to have read even half of them.  But I would entreat you to read as many of those classics your teachers, parents, mentors, and arty friends are always at you to read.  Even if you hate Moby Dick like I did, you can at least say you read it, and have some real reasons why you didn’t like it instead of just a sneaking suspicion of why you won’t like it.

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