Maybe you’d like to review This Is Not a Writing Manual, like Sara at the page sage, or Casey at  I just LOVE getting tweets about unsolicited reviews like these, by aspiring writer-reviewers.  Because YOU are who I wrote this book for!  It’s awesome to discover, through you, that 1) TINAWM is actually for sale and in libraries in states and towns I’ve never lived, and 2) that the book has helped you in some way.

Most of all, it’s great to be in touch with other writers.  We’re all in this together, and the more connected we can be, the less arduous the writing life becomes.

OBTW, even if you’re not a blogger, maybe you’ve read the book and have something to say–Goodreads and Amazon have review pages just waiting for your thoughts!

Thank you for reading!


"Midnight Writing" courtesy of Megan Myers (

“Midnight Writing” courtesy of Megan Myers (




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